a day in the life: 7 months

On Monday, Leo turned 7 months old!  I’d love to give you a daily schedule for him, but it seems to be in transition yet again.  Prior to this we had a good deal going – Leo woke up between 7:30 and 8am, had breakfast (nursing and food), took a 1.5 hour nap, had lunch at noon (nursing and food), took another 1.5-2 hour nap in the afternoon, had dinner at 4pm (nursing and food), and took an evening nap, nursed at 8pm, and was down for the night.  Then we thought he seemed ready to drop the after-dinner evening nap, so we took his pre-bedtime nursing session back to 7pm.  It was going okay, but the past few mornings he’s been up at 6am – fully awake – which throws off the day.  He’s also been taking poor daytime naps, which makes him sleepy after dinner, which throws things off more.  So, we’re reconfiguring over here and brainstorming how we can best help Gus get the sleep he needs and a new schedule that works well for all of us.

So, here are some new things going on with Leo!

Foods: We no longer have to wait 3 days to try new foods, which is way more fun!  For breakfast, Leo often eats oatmeal and fruit – applesauce, pumpkin, prunes, pears, bananas.  I’m hoping to try peaches for him soon, too.  Lunch is veggies – kale and peas together, lentils and sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots.  Lunch will often have a little fruit, too – some leftovers from breakfast, most often.  Dinner is most often avocado (generally a whole one), but sometimes lentils and sweet potatoes.  Leo is a really good eater, which we’re grateful for!  Though he’s skinny, he eats really well!

Moving: Leo rolls all over the place (and quickly!).  He definitely plays on his stomach more than he used to, and really stretch to reach things in front of him.  This morning when I set him down to play, he stayed on his knees and hands for about 20 seconds before he fell down to his belly.  He’s never done that before!

Talking: Just this week Leo started trying out lots of different consonant sounds!  His babbles sound different now that they’re not just vowels!  In general, Leo isn’t a chatterbox.  He has moments where he talks (while walking, when playing, when touching our faces), but often just quietly observes.  Other times he’ll start yelling like a warrior though!

Teething: A month ago we noticed a small white bump on Leo’s upper gums.  That bump has yet to grow or change and Leo doesn’t seem to be teething anymore.  Everything still goes in his mouth, but he’s not as drooly or cranky.  Since I’m still nursing, I’m totally fine that those teeth have stalled!

Noise Machine: Dave and I have debated for months about getting a noise machine, but we didn’t do it because we wanted Leo to sleep with noise and not need a silent room.  However, last week we broke down and bought one as nap after nap was interrupted by the traffic outside our house.  Now that the weather is warmer the road noise has gotten louder – motorcycles, people with windows open and music pumping, etc.  It’s not all the time, but especially around 2 or 3pm when school gets out – which is also when Leo sleeps.  He also has occasionally woken up to the train whistle or when he hears the stairs creak (our house is old).  So we bought a noise machine and so far it’s been great!  It’s also really small, so we can pack it and take it with us on trips, which should help Leo sleep better in different places and hotels.

Other new things: He loves looking at his hands, slowly turning them.  He lunges for our cell phones.  He still loves to walk walk walk everywhere.  He’s ticklish in his ribs and under his arms and on his inner thighs.  He still snuggles when he’s tired.  Baths are getting more fun – Leo loves to kick in the water!

Can you believe this time last year Leo was just a small little barely-there bump?

And now he’s a squirmy, rolling, smiling, curious, standing little lion cub.  We are so blessed!


7 thoughts on “a day in the life: 7 months

  1. Happy seven months, Leo! He looks like such a sweet, curious little boy. I can’t wait to meet him! He’s growing up so fast. 🙂

    I’m with you on the teeth–no hurry for those to come in! Plus, little toothless smiles are so cute. I am going to miss that when the teeth finally appear.

    I hope you guys are having a good week!

  2. Kim, his face looks like it’s filling out! He looks a lot older to me…has it really been seven months? Wow. Love you guys and think of you often!

  3. That picture of him on your shoulders is about the most ridiculously cute thing I’ve ever seen. His face!

  4. we totally have that same sound machine though it is for international travel. It is GREAT and so easy to travel with since we used to travel with a fan! I remember trying out all the fans in walmart to try to find a LOUD one!! hahah!!! It is nice because then you don’t have to feel like you have to whisper all over the house!

  5. CUTE pictures of him (and you!) I hope the noise machine works well for you guys 🙂 I love reading how much he changes each month! Can’t wait to see and smooch him soon!

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