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The winner of the reader recipe poll is dark chocolate mousse.  Recipe and review Friday!

Saturday morning I was up and out the door to run by 5:30am, with 20 miles on the schedule.  I did 10 miles and looped back to the house for GU and water.  Miles 1-5 were pretty rough.  Miles 5-10 I was in the zone and feeling good.  I listened to Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger” on repeat from mile 10 until mile 16 (I took a GU at mile 14 – chocolate GU tastes like frosting.  I love.).  I wish I were kidding, but no, I really listened to that song continuously for that long – it was just fitting my mood and my pace.  By mile 16 I was feeling pretty tired and stopped at home for more GU and water.  I headed out for another 2.5 miles.  I was aiming for 20 but called it done at 18.5 – I was really tired and ready to get on with the day.  Actually, I hadn’t mapped my run out beforehand, so I wasn’t entirely sure of my mileage – I was guessing it was somewhere between 18 and 20.  18.5 miles in 3:15, 10:34 average pace.  Not my best run or my strongest, but I was happy with it considering my lack-of-running lately.  Conveniently, I have 2 half marathons coming up (the Holy Half at Notre Dame and the Towpath in Cleveland), so that will keep me in good shape for training.

But before my run on Saturday, we had a family picnic on Friday night!

Popcorn, oranges, and cheese.

After the picnic we took a walk.  This:

quickly turned into this:

Someone was a bit of a grumper Gus.  And tired.

On the five minute drive home Leo completely crashed out, head down on his chest and everything.

While he slept, we enjoyed ice cream and March Madness!

The rest of the weekend contained a little bit of everything – laundry, March Madness, grocery shopping, an Irish dinner with friends, and more March Madness!

Are you watching March Madness?  Who are you cheering for?  GO KENTUCKY!!


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  1. WTG on the 18.5!!! I thought I was the only one who listened to songs on repeat like that. Whatever it takes, right?!

    I loved the warm weather for eating outside. NOT for running though! 🙂

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