justin timberlake fail

The winner of the reader recipe poll is energy bites.  Recipe and review Friday morning!

Last night Dave and I watched the Justin Timberlake movie In Time.  There were so so so so many bad things about this movie.  The acting.  The writing.  The plotline.  It was cliche.  The actors had zero chemisty (Amanda Seyfried looked bored most of the time).  Ironically, it was a movie all about time and saving time and making life count… and we definitely wasted time and life watching that sucker.  Still, we had a great time making fun of it!

What movies – good or bad – have you seen lately?


3 thoughts on “justin timberlake fail

  1. Loved The Help, even having read the book I thought the movie was entertaining. I took the kids to see the Lorax this weekend – very good and had a great message. And we saw Puss N’ boots several months ago in the theater. That was very good too!

    The quality of my movie-going experience is so dictated by the fact that I have elementary-school aged children. But it’s a good thing the movie makers cater to parents too because most of the time the kid-oriented films are really pretty good!

  2. Ughh, hated that movie too and I actually paid $13 to watch it in a theater in NYC. Over two hours of my life that I won’t be able to get back. 🙂

    I enjoyed the Muppet movie and that Drew Barry more whale movie. Don’t pay to see it in the theater, but it’s a good, fun movie to rent at home.

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