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indy weekend

Dave and Leo and I had a whirlwind weekend.  We joked that every time Leo woke up he was in a new place… but it wasn’t actually that far from the truth.

Thursday afternoon we scrambled around and packed up and headed down to Noblesville, for dinner at my boss‘s house.  We had an awesome time – ate a delicious veggie lasagna and this amazing tiramisu cake (seriously, I didn’t think I liked tiramisu but I was wrong) and hung out with my boss’s kids, who were very enamored with Leo.  Then Thursday night we checked in to our hotel on the north side of Indy.  We had the hotel give us a crib and settled down for the night.  Leo went to sleep great… dun dun dun… at 12:44am we became “those people” in the hotel that have the screaming baby.  Leo went into full meltdown mode until about 2am, despite our best efforts.  Eventually he and I took the second double bed and he calmed down.  Not sure what set him off – new crib? new place? overstimulation at dinner? any of the above? – but phew.  At 5am he decided to reenact his nighttime performance and screamed on and off until 6:30am, when he crashed out on Dave’s shoulder.

I left the hotel room at 8am for a work conference I was attending and presenting at with fingers crossed for Dave and Leo.  I shouldn’t have worried – they had a great day!  They took the stroller over to the mall (attached to the hotel by a skyway) and walked around and hung out in the hotel room.  Leo made sure to check out everything going on outside.

Such a big stander!

He stood by himself for about a minute.  So big!

While I finished up the conference Leo and Dave took another stroller spin around the mall, then checked in to our next hotel.  Luckily Leo did much better in the pack and play at the second hotel – he slept through the night without an issue. On Saturday morning we hurried downtown to meet up with Aunt Melody and her fiance, Chris!

The cooked us breakfast (eggs and french toast – delicious!) and we all took a walk by the canal.  Then Melody and Chris took Leo for a little over an hour so Dave and I could have a lunch date to celebrate our 4 years of dating.  We hit up the 3 Sisters Cafe in Broad Ripple and though we ate super fast, it was really worth it.  Dave got a taco salad and I got the grilled eggplant sandwich.  But the highlight was definitely our appetizer – huge wedges of roasted tomatoes with giant scoops of goat cheese, paired with amazing pesto and crusty, hot bread.  I will have dreams about that appetizer.

After we picked up Leo we finished off our date with a little self-serve froyo, then headed west of Indy to visit with friends of Dave’s from college.  We had a blast with Josh and Britney and their little girl, Halle (they have another little girl, Reilly, but she was sick so she was staying with grandparents while we were there).  Leo and Halle had good times together.

It was so much fun to hang out and catch up with them.  And then Sunday morning we headed home.  Despite all the traveling Leo was a good sport.

And if he got cranky he just doubled up on soothers – pacifier and stuffed carrot.

While Dave and I passed the car-time with a Starbucks/DQ treat!

So, yeah.  A crazy weekend that went superfast but was lots of fun.  I forgot my running shoes, which I was bummed about, so I didn’t get to run any.  I ran when we got home on Sunday but between all the driving and the ice cream and the weird sleep, I was tired and my legs felt heavy and awkward.  This morning’s run wasn’t much better, although I did manage to gut it out for 4 miles.

Which would you choose: DQ or Starbucks?


6 thoughts on “indy weekend

  1. So fun – I love Indy. DQ or Sbux is a tough call – since it’s getting warmer out, I think I’m going for the DQ blizzard 🙂

  2. What a weekend! At least you didn’t cry in the hotel…I would have:) sounds like you all had fun and I love how life still happens even with a baby! Thank you babywise:)….ohhh. I would take BOTH starbucks and

  3. How fun!
    I love that you guys got to pack in so much friend/family time in one weekend!
    Nice organizing 🙂

    So – Joel and I have come to realize that we will always get a suite at hotel’s now because they (we check to make sure) have a door that separates the bedroom from the living room/kitchenette
    So Mylin just goes back and forth in her pack n play depending on if it is daytime or nighttime – or we’ve shut her in the bathroom if it is big enough too!
    It has gone so much smoother since we started doing that over the last 9 months when we travel
    It might be a little bit extra $ but the full night’s sleep and our rest time during the day is MORE than worth it!

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