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I forgot to announce the reader recipe poll winner yesterday – blueberry cornmeal muffins.  Recipe and review Friday morning!

I also never gave my running total for February.  I ended up at 91 miles, which is less than I would have liked (I like to be over 100 every month).  But since it was a short month, I took a lot of running time off while we were in Tennessee, and I got sick, low mileage is to be expected.  Oh well!  However, I do think my year goal to run 2012 miles in 2012 is maybe a little overinflated.  I won’t give it up quite yet, but I’m realistic that I’ll have to start really building my monthly miles in order to make it.  Right now I’d have to run about 180 miles a month.  Not impossible, but definitely a commitment for all that I have going on right now!

How are your year goals going so far?


2 thoughts on “february miles

  1. I’d say 91 miles during the shortest month of the year is pretty great – it’s totally February’s fault because it was a couple days short that you didn’t get the miles you wanted.

    My years goals are going up in smoke. 12 races in 2012 are going to be impossible if my leg doesn’t improve. Just finishing my half on 4-1 will be a huge accomplishment at this point.

  2. My Feb was barely over 100 and it bugged me too. Who knows! Maybe you will meet 180 a mo! Or even have a 200 month! That is a goal of mine! I just wanted to run more than last year, and I bet I will 🙂

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