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avocado baby

As part of Operation: Help Leo Gain Weight, we’ve been feeding him avocado every night for dinner.  Last week Sam’s Club had a really good deal on avocados – a bag of 5 for $2.50.  Dave grabbed up 5 bags!  Most of them were still pretty hard, but over the weekend they got ripe.  Last night we set about pureeing and freezing them all!

Think we have enough?

We figure even if Leo doesn’t eat it all, we’ll make it into guacamole!  Note: avocado doesn’t turn brown when it’s frozen.

Yesterday we also got a little bit of Leo laughing on camera!

What’s your favorite way to eat avocado?


5 thoughts on “avocado baby

  1. Too cute!

    I love avocado in a yummy guac with lots of chips and a margarita or two 🙂 I also like it on a burger.

  2. I love avocado on veggie burgers, as part of chunky guacamole with chips, on tacos…so yummy!

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