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over the weekend (mostly in pictures and mostly food)

Friday night soba noodles with garlicky kale, carmelized onions, and parmesan cheese.  We watched Anchorman and miracle of miracles – we actually made it through the whole movie!  Since Leo it generally takes us a lot longer to get through a movie.

Saturday was my long run (but more on that in a post tomorrow), getting our taxes done, lunch with Dave’s sister and her husband, and dinner with Dave’s parents.  Leo showed off his mad avocado-eating skills.

Sunday morning Dave made eggs and coffee and I made garlicky kale.  Served with a side of pear.

For lunch we made soft pretzels – salt and cinnamon sugar versions.  Is there anything better than salty, fresh-from-the-oven dough?

Sunday night was broccoli, onion, red pepper pizza on cornmeal crust

…followed by mudslides.  Now how’d that get in there?

What did you eat this weekend?


4 thoughts on “over the weekend (mostly in pictures and mostly food)

  1. Yummy eats! And Leo is just as adorable as ever!

    I made a side dish brown rice casserole that you would probably like. It had roasted eggplant, zucchini, and onions, mixed with brown rice, parmesan, eggs, half and half, then topped with breadcrumbs and pecans. Yum. Last night was grilled salmon, arugula salad, and fresh berry cobbler.

    I want a mudslide (not not the creepy baby)!

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