the babies

Dave and I have a small collection of tiny plastic babies that my cousin gave to us as a gag gift (they’re supposed to be used as cupcake toppers but really, who is putting this on a cupcake?).

Currently we have 4 of these in hiding rotation.  Whoever finds it re-hides it for the next person.  So far they’ve been in the peanut butter, my face lotion, the hummus, my pillowcase, Dave’s deodorant, the coffee, and more.  We’re having a ball hiding them for each other and laughing when they show up unexpectedly.  I opened up my container of pretzels at work on Monday and my coworker asked, “um, why is there a plastic baby in there?”  Totally normal.

Do you have any fun/weird games you play with your roommate/spouse/significant other?


8 thoughts on “the babies

  1. This is so cute….and sort of creepy! hehe My husband is a pilot so we spend a lot of time apart so we hide notes for each other to find when we are apart. I find them all over the house but I have to get a little more creative when I hide notes to him because there is only one suitcase and his flight bag to hide things. When I know which airports he’s flying in and out of, I will find that airport in his charts and hide the note there so he finds it when he’s getting ready for his flight. 🙂

  2. So great!

    I was at a party awhile ago and as I was finishing my drink I noticed a tiny little black and white photocopy of a drawing of what looked like a baby with private hair peeking out from under his diaper. I was all, “Um, Deanne? Why is there a very mature baby on the bottom of my glass?” Turns out someone house sit for her and taped these tiny pictures all over her house! Hilarious.

  3. Aaron and I used to have a little plastic hippo we would hide and a small lego snowmobile that we would randomly get out and start driving it on the other when least expecting it. I think we’ve lost the snowmobile and the hippo occasionally makes appearances, but not so frequent now.

  4. I LOVE THIS! This is totally the type of humor I have, and my mother as well. At her old job (daycare for babies (of high school teenagers)) they hid an “ugly” doll in different parts of the room! I hide things for Steven 🙂

  5. ha! Strangely, my college roommate and I hid a small copy of that kid’s magazine, Highlights for Children, around our apartment. It still randomly appears from time to time in mail to one another.

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