tooth monster

Leo was a crazy fusser Gus yesterday.  We think it was teething-related, but he took terrible naps, was off schedule, and fussed all day.  Not a happy camper.  Finally in the late afternoon I strapped Leo into the baby bjorn and went for a walk on the treadmill.  He was quiet and happy!

This morning he woke up at 7:30am, which is more his normal time.  We spent a quiet 20 minutes just looking out the window together.

He loves watching the cars and touching the cold glass.

So far the tooth monster seems to be kept at bay today.  Let’s hope so!

What have you been watching lately (tv shows, movies, or otherwise!)?


4 thoughts on “tooth monster

  1. Mylin likes to watch the birds on the birdfeeder outside our dining room window. And she’s excellent at spotting them fly by in the sky when we’re outside!
    T.V. show: Joel and I are head over heels crazy about New Girl 🙂 Have you watched it?!
    p.s. we also are the creepers that go in her bedroom every night and stare at her while she’s sleeping 🙂

  2. We are watching parenthood! Love it! Gwen is usually watching her older sister, adalynn is into watching my workout videos, I watch my girls’ lives fly by as they get older and older(though they are only 2 and 9 months!), and Philip watches…hmmm I don’t know, maybe the ipad screen as he plays a game or two to relax:) Gwen is teething too.

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