the spinning stool

This weekend Dave and Leo and I ventured over to Shipshewana to hit up the bulk grocery store and walk around.  We went into a new store that Dave heard about on the radio – Annalea’s Boutique – and found a ton of super cute clothes.  Classic, but slightly modern and slightly vintage.  I loved a lot of the clothes – and Dave bought me a shirt!


I love the little birdies and the way the shirt drapes (very flattering).  Plus, it’s different than any other shirt I have.  I’m also a little in love with the store and told Dave I definitely want to go back around my birthday!

After Annalea’s we walked around the big mercantile building and found a perfect stool for the desk in our kitchen!

It’s got an antique look even though it’s not really antique.  I love that it spins.  As a kid I loved spinning on stools and I imagine Leo will, too.

It feels good to be able to sit at our desk, finally!

Dave and I haven’t forgotten about the requests for a house tour.  I’ll probably do it in installments – either by picture or video.  In any case, we just need to get some rooms cleaned up well enough to show you!

What has gotten you excited lately?


12 thoughts on “the spinning stool

  1. I love the shirt! So cute! Can’t wait for the house tour….I love your style. 🙂 I’m moving into a house with my boyfriend soon and I’m excited for the renovations we’re doing…some new flooring, a little bathroom remodeling, and of course PAINT. Fun projects with your best friend are always a good time!

  2. Kim, I love that stool! Does it get taller and shorter when you spin it, or does it simply spin? I’ve been in the market for one that changes sizes for years, but haven’t known where to find it. Awesome find!

      1. You must tell me the name of the place you got it. Looks like we might need to head up there sometime in the near-ish future! Thanks.

  3. I love that top! I want to see it ON you! And the stool! What a great find. Hmm. What am I excited about? Getting my taxes done tonight… not 😛

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