the laugh

The winner of the reader recipe poll is tomato onion tart with cornmeal crust.  Recipe and review Friday morning!

I forgot to mention the big news from this weekend – Leo laughed!

We have been waiting and waiting for his laugh (babies generally laugh earlier than 6 months) but Leo kept teasing us with laugh-faces and excited laugh-breathing, but no laughter itself.  Finally Saturday he let out a belly laugh when I blew a raspberry on his belly – and Dave was in the room to hear it, too!  Since then he’s laughed again a handful of times, but they’re harder to coax out.  I know they’ll start getting more frequent – just like his smiles did!

What’s made you laugh lately?


4 thoughts on “the laugh

  1. Oh my gosh! I love baby laughs! So happy to hear you both heard it! 🙂

    Steven has been making me laugh lately. And a coworker of mine 🙂

  2. So cute 🙂 I was hysterical laughing last night while the husband and I were walking in the parking lot from the train station. A possum popped out of the garage can and scared the both of us! Ha…it just stared and we started cracking up.

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