the end

Friday sadly marked the end of the running streak.  I woke up feeling not quite right and the feeling increased and grew as the day went on.  By lunchtime I felt like I had the stomach flu – achy, hot and cold, stomach cramps, nausea, foggy head, unable to stand or sit up for more than a minute or two – but I didn’t have a fever and never threw up.  I spent the entire day flat on the couch – while Dave was amazing and took care of Leo and brought me anything I needed.  Saturday morning I woke up feeling pretty much fine.  Sunday I felt good as new, though still a little tired.  I’m not sure what I had – a bug or something – but I’m glad it passed and glad it didn’t cause any worse effects!  Still, I’m sad the running streak ended.  And with it, I missed my weekly long run of 17 miles.  I don’t think I’ll be able to make it up during the week (I’d have to get up really early before work to do that), so I’ll probably just jump back on my normal training schedule (it’s been awhile with Tennessee and being sick!) and gut out the next long run a little less prepared.  It’ll work!

How was your weekend?  Have you managed to avoid getting sick this winter?  I haven’t gotten a cold yet this winter, so one day of being sick wasn’t too bad.


4 thoughts on “the end

  1. I am happy it went away so quickly! Phew! I have avoided getting sick too. Although I did take a sick day a few weeks ago when I felt like I had a weird wind/sun burn on my face!

  2. I had a great weekend – met up with some blogger friends in Chicago on Sunday!

    You had exactly what I had on Valentine’s Day. I’m glad you bounced back quickly though.

  3. I had that ‘bug’ a couple weeks ago too – the next day Joel came down with it but it actually all came out of him…unlike me 😦 Poor guy.
    We have been doing probiotics this winter with Mylin and I having colds for 6+ weeks…we’ve tried Juice Plus – but it is quite expensive to keep up with…and we have silver for Mylin, but we don’t use it regularly – I need to do some more research…

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