what’s new with Leo

Man, in one week it feels like so many new things have happened with Leo!

sprouting a tooth – Last week we noticed a small, white dot on Leo’s upper left gum.  He’s got his first tooth coming through!  Luckily, it doesn’t seem to be causing him much angst.  We found a homeopathic teething remedy at CVS – Humphrey’s Teething Pellets.  You crush 1-3 pellets in a small amount of water and rub them over the gums.  They seem to really help those few moments we’ve had where Leo has been awake and fussy when he should be sleeping.

moving toward crawling – For the past month or so Leo has hated belly time.  But then just this past week he started loving it again and is rolling all over the place and trying to move forward.  On Sunday and Monday he briefly popped up on his elbows and knees.  He’s definitely been working at getting his belly off the ground.  No crawling yet, but he’s figuring it out!

doctor’s appointment – Leo had his 6 month doctor appointment yesterday.  He’s still very small for his age.  In fact, he fell off the growth chart completely for his weight, at just 12 pounds.  The doctor had us take him for a blood draw to check his thyroid levels.  Everything came back clear (hooray!), so we’ll have monthly weight checks until his 9 month appointment.  Leo eats really well, but the doctor told us to feed him as much as he’ll take (literally until he refuses food at mealtime).  She thinks he probably has a really fast metabolism, but we’ll try to boost caloric intake for him to up his weight.  He’s a good eater – last night he put down an entire avocado all by himself!  Other than his small weight, Leo is healthy and doing really well!

intentional playing – It just seems like Leo has really started playing instead of just “playing.”  When he wakes up early from naps he lays in his crib and plays with his animals (it’s super cute to hear him talking to them!).  He purposefully reaches and grabs for toys instead of just batting at them.  It’s awesome!

What are some new things that have been happening with you?


5 thoughts on “what’s new with Leo

  1. I love the update! I cannot wait to see a pic of that little baby tooth. And am happy to hear that teething is going okay (so far!!!) 🙂

    It’s so interesting to hear about how baby weights compare. I was not aware of this growth chart thing until a blogger friend of mine had her baby a few months early. It’s so intersting how much attention is paid to that (not saying it’s good or bad, I find it intersting). How long do they track that (until what age)?

    Love that he is really playing. SO COOL!

    Not much new here!!! 🙂

  2. Isn’t it amazing how much can happen in a few short days/weeks? Miles want from hands and knees to sort of crawling to tracking us down in the kitchen in two weeks.

    I’m glad Leo is a good eater and you (seemingly) have a good doctor. I think some babies just aren’t big. Miles is right around 16 pounds – maybe 7th or 10th percentile. I think he’s definitely Mark’s!

    Besides the crawling, I think we’re sprouting tooth No. 3. Good times.

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