TN girls’ weekend

Leo and I had an amazing five days in Tennessee with my mom and sisters.  My dad was on a business trip for most of the time, so it truly was just a girls’ weekend (plus Leo).  We had a blast!

Thursday night Leo and I flew out.  I was nervous how he would do on the plane and packed a bottle for him to drink at takeoff.  However, he crashed out on my shoulder before we even had lift-off.  He slept for about half the flight and woke up for the other half – standing and smiling and playing on my lap.  He did great and really impressed those sitting around us.  We landed in Detroit and met up with my sister, Kelly.  Then the three of us flew from there to South Carolina.  Once again, Leo fell asleep just before takeoff.  This time he slept the whole time.  Best traveler award.

We landed in South Carolina at about 9:30pm on Thursday night.  My sister, Jill, picked us up from the airport and took us back to her apartment where we all crashed.  Friday morning we got up and drove three hours to Tennessee, to my parents’ house.  And for the rest of the long weekend – Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday – we antique shopped, cooked, ate our faces off, played games, and hung out.  It was the best.  On Monday night Kelly, Jill, Leo, and I drove back to Jill’s apartment.  Tuesday was Jill’s birthday and we celebrated with morning peanut butter cookie gelato and enormous avocado burritos as big as your head.  

Here’s some of the amazing food we cooked up this weekend:

  • roasted cauliflower and pasta
  • quinoa burgers with guacamole
  • sauteed garlicky kale
  • soup au pistou
  • garlic pita chips
  • mom’s chocolate sheet cake
  • bok choy, broccoli, and soba noodles in an chili almond butter sauce

Oh man, it was all so stinkin’ good!

Tuesday night Jill took Kel and I back to the airport.  Once again, Leo fell asleep before takeoff.  He woke up mid-flight because he was hot and was a little fussy, but wasn’t loud and was pretty easily distracted by toys.  Kel and I split again at Detroit.  Leo fell asleep before takeoff on our final flight home and stayed asleep the whole time.  Seriously, could he be any better at flying?!?

Leo and I landed just after 9pm and were definitely excited to see Dave again!  Seriously though, I think I need a 5-day-weekend with my mom and sisters every year, if not more!

Sisters and Leo (he looks thrilled to be included):

What vacations have you had lately?  Or what vacations are you looking forward to?


6 thoughts on “TN girls’ weekend

  1. What a fun weekend. That food list is making me hungry even though I just ate lunch! We have a mini-vacation to Louisville, KY, planned at the end of next month. We’ll drive to Dayton, pick up Jen and Adam, and continue on to Louisville together for a weekend. I can’t wait!

  2. Awww! I love chill vacations like this. Especially with all the food. I am happy you had a great time and that Leo was so great on the flight. A girls’ weekend is such a treat!!!

    Our last great vacation was last weekend to NYC 🙂

  3. what a dream baby:) I am glad he flew so well for you! I was thinking of you that weekend because I knew you were flying and it isn’t always fun, but you all made it seem like a dream! Can you believe how much he is changing?! It’s hard to believe but each day gets more and more fun!!!! You are a super mom…and person of course!

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