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100 days challenge: complete

The 100 days challenge ended on Wednesday!  I ran a total of 347 miles and never missed a day (although there were more than a few 1 mile runs because I didn’t have time – or energy – for more miles).  The last week I barely ran, as I was in Tennessee and was more focused on hanging out than getting good runs in (even though the weather there was perfect!).  Today I planned to do 5 yassos to kickstart my 101st day of running, but I was so tired and sore and stiff from traveling (still!) that I just did an easy mile.  One week of marathon training down the tube, but it was a fall-back week, mileage-wise, so I’m not concerned.

Right now I don’t have official plans for extending the challenge, although I hope to keep running every day.  But if I miss a day or really need a day off, I guess I’ll take one.  Still, I hope to keep the challenge going!

And as for Fabuary, I completely fell off that bandwagon!  But I’m getting back to it today and will just extend it into March!

What are you challenging yourself with lately?


3 thoughts on “100 days challenge: complete

  1. You deserve a huge congratulations!! Running for a 100 days straight is a huge accomplishment, let alone with a new baby in the house! Good for you for sticking with it.

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