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Guest Post: Cheap Compression Socks

Hi all, this is Dave.

So, I’ve been gradually moving towards a barefoot running stride, culminating in my recent acquisition of these babies (thank you Christmas donors)!

While I’m enjoying the shift, the new form is doing a number on my calves. Runner’s World recently did an article on the benefits of compression socks, so I figured “Hey, why not give it a try? Now’s as good a time as any.”

Only problem: compression socks can get expensive. We’re keeping a close eye on the budget these days, so we decided to look into some less pricey options. Translation: Walmart. Kim had heard that they sell them, so we decided it was worth a shot.

The best thing I found were these:

Unfortunately, Walmart didn’t have my size, so I ended up ordering them through Amazon. Grand total: 11.46. Not bad.

I’d only tried compression socks once before when I borrowed Kim’s. They worked fine, but were pink with white hearts. They didn’t exactly inspire masculine confidence.

A few notes before I get into the review:

  1. As their name implies, these are not made to be used while running. They’re labeled as compression “dress socks”, and that’s what they are. They’re very thin, and probably wouldn’t last long if you ran in them.  Not a big deal for me though because A) I’m not currently wearing socks while running, and B) At this point, I’m more interested in having compression after my runs than during them.
  2. I think they make versions of these for women too, although I’m not sure if they’re at the same compression level I chose (Firm: 20-30 mmHg).

Okay! After a short run I slipped on the socks around 7:30. After some tugging I had them all the way up. (The picture doesn’t show it, but they go all the way up to your knees.)

I immediately felt a cool tingling sensation. It wasn’t uncomfortable,  but rather soothing, so I knew something was working. I left them on all morning and thankfully they never felt irritating or too tight. I probably could have worn them all day, but I wanted to take them off after  4 hours to see how my legs felt.

Verdict? Success! After having them off for awhile, my calves definitely felt less sore and my legs were feeling more refreshed. I think I’ll be wearing these guys more often (and feeling less insecure while doing so)!

A couple other highlights:

  • These are really comfortable and can be worn with dress or casual clothes.
  • It seemed like they worked best when I was walking around rather than sitting still, although there were probably benefits to both.
  • Did I mention they were only 11.46?

What have you found for cheap lately?


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