a day in the life: 6 months

Our little lion is now six months!

Leo’s schedule has changed quite a bit since 5 months.  Here’s how it’s going:

5am: Dave and I wake up and start our mornings.

7:30am-8am: sometime in here Leo wakes up.  He starts by talking to himself (super cute to listen to!) and then will start fussing.  Sometimes we have to wake him up at 8, but most mornings he’s awake around 7:45 or 7:50.  As soon as he wakes up we do a diaper change.

8am: Leo nurses (about 15-20 minutes) and then has breakfast – barley cereal mixed with pureed fruit (pears or apples, for now).  We used to do plain cereal with milk, but Leo stopped wanting to eat it.  With fruit mixed in he gobbles it down! After he eats he plays for awhile on the playmat, in the bouncer, or goes for walks around the house with Pa (a favorite pastime).

9:30amish: Leo goes down for a nap.  Sometimes it’s a little earlier and sometimes a little later.  On a good day he’ll sleep about 2 to 2.5 hours.  On a not-as-great day he’ll only nap about an hour.

12pm: Leo nurses and then eats lunch – we try to do a veggie and a fruit.  So far he’s eaten squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, avocados, zucchini, pears, and apples.  He is a really good eater!  He’s always in the best mood right after he nurses – super smiley.  We spend a couple minutes tickling and playing before we get to the baby food.

2pmish: Leo goes down for a nap.  Again, sometimes earlier or sometimes later – it depends how his nap before went and how long he’s been up.

4pm: Leo nurses and then eats dinner.  We’ve been doing avocado at dinner, most nights.  He loves avocado and will pound down a half of one no problem.  We’re hoping it will help his weight gain and move him up on the growth charts a little bit.

6pmish: Leo goes down for a nap.  Sometimes earlier, sometimes later.

8pm: I wake Leo up to nurse.  Very rarely he is already awake.  At some point in the future we’ll drop this feeding, but we’re keeping it for now.  Honestly, I’ll be sad to lose this feeding.  It’s one of my favorite times with Leo because we get to snuggle.  I wake him up, change his diaper, and then feed him in the dark.  I kiss him, lay him in the crib, and go out.  Even if he goes down wide awake he doesn’t fuss and goes right to sleep.  He’s down for the night.

New things: Leo is almost sitting on his own, but doesn’t really like it (he planks his body when you try to sit him, so you have to gently sweep his legs out from under him).  He love love LOVES to stand and walk – all.the.time.  He’s getting very intentional about reaching for things and is very interested in small details.  He loves to watch Mosie and smiles big when he sees her.  He likes books and mirrors.  He talks and growls.  We have yet to hear a laugh, but he’ll do excited breathing and smile HUGE (especially after nursing, on the changing table, or getting gently tossed in the air).  He loves to touch our faces, smiling and growling.  He is a very sweet, good-natured, happy little guy.  We adore him!

It took a few weeks to settle into this routine (Leo would wake up around 6 or 6:30am, which threw off the rest of his day) but we seem to have found our stride, for the most part.  We still have some days where Leo won’t nap for more than an hour, which throws off his schedule and makes him cranky.  But since the middle of December he’s slept through the night, every night.  We are so so grateful!  We read the book Babywise before we had Leo and tried to use the methods in the book to help us set up a schedule for him.  While we didn’t follow the book exactly (sometimes Leo just didn’t match what they said should be happening), we found it really helpful!

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5 thoughts on “a day in the life: 6 months

  1. I LOVE the lion picture 🙂 How cute!

    Leo and Israel sound a lot alike…not only do they have a lot of the same toys (as you pointed out), but Israel also can sit by himself, but hates to do it because he likes to stand so much! Their schedules are pretty similar, too.

    Fun to read about Leo and his schedule!

  2. those pictures are awesome! keep up the good work, and can’t wait to meet him and see you and dave this summer! 🙂

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