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reader recipe poll: cauliflower rice paella

I originally saw Mama Pea’s recipe for cauliflower rice paella and planned on making my own version.  Well, my own version ended up being a not-very-good version… so I won’t even bother to post it.  However, since Mama Pea has yet to fail me on a single recipe, I think hers would be a definite win!

My version was terrible, but it just didn’t have much oomph to it.  But it was warm and filling, so at least it had that!

Have you had any “meh” recipes lately?


One thought on “reader recipe poll: cauliflower rice paella

  1. Yes, I’ve had quite a few “meh” recipes lately. I keep pinning recipes and working them into the week. I have yet to be surprised and delighted. 😦 The quinoa corn chowder I recently made was exceptionally disappointing. No flavor at all. I think, in general, I need to double spices, I really like flavor!

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