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Leo and I are flying to Tennessee today for a girls’ weekend with my mom and sisters!  I’ll have a few posts up the next few days, but not as many as normal.  Say a prayer that Leo enjoys flying!

Just a few things we do around here to make things easier – these aren’t fancy, or even that novel, but we like them!

  • When making hard-boiled eggs, put salt in the water when you boil them.  It makes them easier to peel.
  • Keep an old dishtowel under the bathroom sink (or somewhere else discreet) and use it to wipe off the countertops every night (or as needed).  It’ll keep your countertops looking way cleaner in between cleanings.
  • When you make soup, double the recipe.  Freeze half and eat the other.  Easy way to create a freezer meal without the extra work!
  • Keep a dry-erase marker in the bathroom and use it to write little reminders to yourself on the mirror.  Alternately, you can write sweet notes to your spouse (one of our favorites)!
  • Freeze balls of cookie dough and grab out 2 (or however many you need) at a time for super-fast, fresh mudslides!

What are some of your tips and tricks around the house?


4 thoughts on “tips and tricks

  1. I love freezing cookie dough to have on hand for unexpected guests or when you just need a little sweet. 🙂 Have fun in TN!

  2. Is this Leo’s first flight? How exciting! I hope it went well!

    I will have to tell that salt trick to Steven. It’s such a bummer when y ou go to peel a hard boiled egg and it’s all chunky and hard to peel 😉

    Oh gosh, it would be BAD if I kept cookie dough in the freezer!!!

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