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fabuary fail

I’m currently two days behind in Fabuary.  A few times before I’ve gotten a day behind and I’ve just doubled up… but I don’t think I can handle tripling!  So today I’ll just start from where I’m at and I’ll be two days short on Fabuary.  Is there a March ab plan?  I wouldn’t mind it!

We’re closing in on the last week of the 100 days challenge.  I’m still on the fence about keeping the challenge going.  On one hand, I like knowing I have to run every day.  It keeps me from being a skipper because I’m tired or not feeling motivated (two easy excuses for me).  On the other hand, I don’t want running to be a have to, but to keep it as a want to.  So we’ll see.

It’s also challenged my thoughts about rest days.  Previously, I thought rest days were essential.  I still do, but my idea of them is modified.  Before, a rest day was just that – complete rest, no running, no cross-training.  A “rest day” now is a very easy, short run – a handful of miles at a slow pace.  And you know what?  My legs feel just as good and fresh as a full rest day… maybe even better.

What are your thoughts behind rest days?


4 thoughts on “fabuary fail

  1. rest days are needed or you will eventually become injured… Mind you, some people do cross training for rest days but you should take atleast 1 day a week with no physical activity. Your body needs to repair itself.

    1. I disagree. While I enjoy rest days and do them when I am training, not having rest days doesn’t mean you will eventually be injured. I follow someone on twitter that made it a goal to run everyday for a year. He completed the challenging and decided to keep going. Today will mark his 500th day of running everyday.

      Now if you were training hard everyday then yes I would probably say that your chances of being injured will be higher but you aren’t doing that so I think you should keep going. 🙂

  2. I cannot believe it has almost been 100 days!

    I used to never take real rest days but now I do at least once a week (and more this week since my foot was all messed up). I can see how you would be fine without them – even on my rest days, I walk a lot, so if you run 1 mile, how much harm is that going to do, unless you are injured?

    I don’t think I would go without a rest day though, just so I don’t have to take double showers and wash all that extra clothes every day (I get so sweaty when I run!!!).

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