weekly groceries

Are there certain things you buy every week at the grocery store?  We seem to have a few items that come up almost every week:

  • bell peppers (red, yellow, and orange) – we buy a 6 pack at Sam’s club.  They get tossed in stir fry, sauteed for veggie wraps, or diced for soups
  • spinach – we go through a tub or 2 in one week, easy.  Spinach is a base for smoothies, for salads, and also for wraps.
  • avocado – Dave puts avocado in his smoothies.  Or we mash them up for guacamole.  But lately we’ve been going through them double-time because they’re Leo’s favorite!  We buy 6 at a time from Sam’s Club.
  • fruit – generally whatever is on special, so right now that’s cutie oranges and then maybe grapes or apples or pears
  • broccoli – big frozen bag from Sam’s Club for stir fry, a side dish, or tossed with pasta.
  • kale – Dave puts kale in his smoothies.  I’ll sometimes wilt it with soba noodles for a quick dinner.
  • eggs – Dave’s big into hard boiled eggs for a snack right now (and Mosie loves getting a little bit of egg yolk!).  I love them diced on a salad.  And sometimes we make veggie fried rice with egg – so delicious!

Other items that are bought frequently but maybe not quite once a week:

  • whole wheat tortillas
  • white sweet onions
  • soy milk
  • dark chocolate
  • Breyer’s natural vanilla ice cream (it’s the best!)
  • semisweet chocolate chips
  • hummus

What are some of your grocery staples that you buy every week?



8 thoughts on “weekly groceries

    1. I saute veggies in olive oil, then add cooked rice, a good amount of soy sauce, nutritional yeast, and a few whisked eggs. Saute over medium low until eggs are cooked through and rice is starting to get a little crisped.

  1. Fun fact: Ryan has eaten the SAME lunch every day for the past four years (maybe more!). I don’t know how he does it but he loves it. Me, I get bored after eating the same thing two or three times. So our grocery list every week includes his lunch stuff:

    Sliced cheese
    Sandwich wraps
    Pita chips
    Cottage cheese

    As well as the following:
    Sourdough bread
    Peanut butter

    and whatever other veggies and fruit look good/priced reasonably that week!

  2. Definitely:

    pita chips
    refried beans (the husband LOVES these with chips and hot sauce for a snack)
    almond milk
    marinara sauce
    soup mixes

    …I’m ready to be done remodeling/packing/moving so I can get back to buying actual groceries instead of “throw together as fast as possible…or just snack all night” foods! Hah.

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