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money man

Yesterday someone got himself a bank account.

It came with fruit snacks, a piggy bank, a tiny Connect 4 game, some rubberband bracelets, pencils, and stickers.  Leo was thrilled, obviously.

Big eyes for all the money he’ll be saving!

Leo’s been practicing his newest thing – growling!

Happy weekend!  Are you celebrating Valentine’s this weekend?  We’re having “birthentine’s” on Sunday – combining Dave’s birthday and Valentine’s together!


6 thoughts on “money man

  1. The growling is toooo cute! 🙂 I’m going to start celebrating Valentine’s Day this weekend with my kiddos and it will continue through next weekend because I’m a V-Day baby myself. Happy birthentine weekend to you guys!

  2. That is awesome! What are your saving goals for him? A certain amount each month, or year, or whenever?

    I don’t think we have any Vday plans! We will actually be in different states on the 14th. Happy early Birthday Dave!

    1. Right now we have a very modest amount going in to his account monthly. Plus anything he receives for Christmas, birthdays, etc., would go in his own account. We’re hoping to eventually increase how much we put in there, too.

  3. My birthday was yesterday and we celebrate my birthday and Valentine’s Day together every year. This year we went out with friends and ate at Olive Garden in Dothan, Ala since the town I live in doesn’t have one yet. We are suppose to be getting one soon though, that’s what’s going through the rumor mill around my parts.

    I hope Dave has/had a wonderful birthday. Leo is just precious as usual.

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