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superbowl weekend

The weekend breakdown:

For Friday night date night Dave and I took Leo downtown in the stroller.  We went to a chocolate tasting at the co-op, saw Dave’s aunt and uncle at their store, and caught a free showing of MegaMind (Leo snoozed).  On the walk home we stopped in CVS and bought a bag of popcorn with a random $1.60 gift card we had and munched our way home.  Love that we were able to walk in February!

Saturday morning I got up early (4:30am) to do my long run.  I left the house at 5am.  It was snowing and I was trying to figure out if it was too slippery to run or not.  Just as I was rounding the corner of the house I saw a guy on a bike totally wipe out.  Yep, too slippery.  I went back home and had a productive morning – made dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent, cleaned up the kitchen, hardboiled eggs, and read.  In the afternoon it had warmed up so Dave took over Leo duty so I could get my run in.  I was hoping to do 14 but since I didn’t map the run out beforehand, I just estimated my mileage.  I came home and looked it up – I ended up only doing a little over 12.5.  I’m trying to remind myself it’s only 1.5 miles short, so not a huge deal, but I was still discouraged that I “missed” my long run.  However, my return home did score me some time with my sister-in-law and soon to be brother-in-law!

Sunday was the Superbowl!  We hung out with friends at their house for the game.  Leo fought his evening nap hardcore – turns out he’s quite the football fan.

He did finally surrender to sleep, but not without some fighting!

And now it’s Monday again.  Here we go…

How did you spend the Superbowl?  


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  1. Just chilled with the family here. Nothing special & we didn’t really care who was playing once the Packers were eliminated.

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