a mouse, a skunk, and a cute little buddy

Thankfully not a real mouse… we’ve had enough of those lately.  A fancy new mouse for my computer – and pink to boot!

As for the skunk, on Wednesday when I was driving home from work I narrowly missed hitting a skunk.  I only knew it because I saw a flash of white by my driver’s side tire.  And then the whole car started to stink.  Yesterday Dave and I got in the car (to go visit our beautiful new niece, Amelia!!!) and there was still a faint skunky smell.  I think the skunk might have sprayed the car?  Thankfully it was another nice day out yesterday, so Dave parked the car in the driveway with the windows down.  We’re hoping it’s de-skunked.

And finally, the cutest little buddy!

Have you ever been sprayed by a skunk?


4 thoughts on “a mouse, a skunk, and a cute little buddy

  1. Yes. On my honeymoon. It was kind of the last straw in a series of misfortunes. But now, it’s really funny. The sad part was that I had to leave my favorite sandals in the hotel when we left because they stunk too much like skunk. I couldn’t put them back in the suitcase.

  2. Aww, Leo l;ooks so happy!

    I have one of the fun Logitech mice too 🙂 I specifically asked for one with a “cool design.”

    I have not been sprayed but know people who have. I hope the smell wears off soon!

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