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over the weekend

Sorry for the lack of reader recipe poll yesterday.  Our internet went down on Saturday morning and didn’t get resurrected until yesterday around 2:30pm.

The biggest event of the weekend happened at 2:30am on Sunday morning when Mosie came streaking through our bedroom in hot pursuit of a dark blur.

Turns out that dark blur was a baby mouse.

Our ideas that Mosie might not be a cold-hearted killer turned out to be correct.  We’re pretty sure she chased the mouse not to kill it, but out of curiosity and excitement.  Even after the baby mouse was moved outside Mosie continued to run sprints up and down the stairs and hallway.  She was a little jazzed.

Although we didn’t love having a mouse in the house, we were definitely pleased with Mosie for finding it!

Sunday Dave and I got a good amount done around the house, WD-40 on knobs and hinges, picking up stuff, etc.  It felt so good!

Also this weekend: the Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K.  Dave and I both completed ours on the treadmill.  This was Dave’s longest run in 3 months, thanks to his formerly-bum-now-recovering foot.  He finished in 27:27!

I had 9 miles on my training plan for the weekend, so I incorporated the 5K into that.  I did the 5K at the end of my run, since I didn’t want to go too fast and then not be able to finish the other 6.  I finished in 26:52.

Other weekend events:

  • Dave and I went to see We Bought a Zoo.  Loved it!
  • We made homemade cookies-with-ice-cream on top.  Delicious.  I called it a pizookie.  Dave called it a mudslide.  What do you call it?

  • We took Leo to a pet store hoping he could see some animals… but all they had were birds, fish, and hamsters.  He didn’t really care.
  • Leo tried green beans for the first time.  So far he’s had sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, and green beans.  He loves them all!
  • Over Christmas in Tennessee we did a family photo shoot.  We got a few of the pictures back.  Totally in love with this one:

What did you do this weekend?  Did you run the Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K?

7 thoughts on “over the weekend

  1. I love that pic of Leo! So cool that he is trying so many foods!

    Yay Mosie! Good job!

    I love your bibs on the treadmill. Great run, both of you!

  2. Nice job on your 5k’s guys! And kudos to Mosie for finding the mouse. She’s so cute looking at it.

    I just ran a little half-mary at Disneyland this weekend. Nothing major 😉

  3. From someone who used to book models, in a previous career, you should look into signing Leo with a modeling agency for print ads/catalogs. He could earn some quick money for his college fund…and he definitely has the perfect look!! Love his expressions….and those eyes!!!!

  4. So hard to focus on the rest of your post when the picture of Leo is at the end! He looks like such an adorable little old man, SO CUTE!

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