This past weekend Dave and I got the mantle in the family room decorated!

A little closer…

I first saw these state prints on Pinterest (thanks, Jill!) and then bought them on etsy.  We got the state we each were born in (Indiana for Dave, Kentucky for me) and the state we grew up in (Texas for Dave, Ohio for me).  Frames were $4 each from Walmart.  We put a couple jars with candles up and a small heart-shaped rock that Dave painted red and gave to me on our one-year engagement anniversary (it says “I love you” on it, too).  We love the way it’s come together – simple but personal!

What state were you born in?  Grow up in?


9 thoughts on “states!

  1. ok this is totally cute! LOVE IT! please share more of your incredible house! I have been dying to see what it looks like from your point of view since I saw the picture of you and dave with the sold sign in front of it years ago!!!!

  2. Cute, cute mantel. I need to so do something like that to mine. I was born in Georgia and grew up in Georgia and still live in Georgia, the same town I went to school in and work in the same town I was born in. It’s crazy!!!!!

  3. Very cute! I love the “states” theme! I was born in Oregon, grew up in Washington…husband was born in Washington, grew up in Alaska…We’d only need 3 of those prints, I guess! Heheh.

  4. Kim, that is so beautiful, personal and simple! I love it! (simple in a good way – not being mean 🙂 )

    I was born in IA and grew up there, and Steven was born in MO and grew up there. We think Data was born in IA, and is growing up in IL 🙂

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