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100 days challenge: day 74

I saw this on facebook this morning and about died laughing.


Moving on!  It’s day 74 of the 100 days challenge!  Only 26 more days.  It’s passing quickly and yes, I’m already considering how much longer I can keep the streak.  200 days?  A whole year??

  • Miles run so far: 241 miles
  • Best run: this morning, where Dave gave me a piece of chocolate.  Chocolate while you run?  Fantastic!

On tap for this weekend: The Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K (virtual race), sponsored by The Boring Runner.  I need to print off race bibs for Dave and I.  And then I need to tell Dave about the 5K and how we’re going to run it.  And probably how I’ll make it a competition between us.  And how Dave will need to run first so I can be sure to beat his time.

I have a lot to tell Dave, obviously.

Also for this weekend: 9 mile long run.  A scale-back week, which I love.  After the confidence-busting 12 mile run I had on Wednesday, I’m all ready to crush those 9 miles and get my “yes, marathon!” attitude back.

What are you up to this weekend?


One thought on “100 days challenge: day 74

  1. Ha ha. Dave has a surprise in store!

    Chocolate while running?! Yes! I do like the Chocolate GU but real chocolate would be nice too 🙂

    I am in KC this weekend. We are going to a concert tomorrow night.

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