a day in the life: 5 months

Happy 5 months, Leo!  Here’s a typical day in Leo’s life right now:

5am: wake up, feed Leo, and pump.  It’s about 50/50 whether Leo wakes up on his own or whether I wake him up.  We’d love to let him keep sleeping, but right now we’re still trying to get 6 feedings in the day (per the doctor’s request to have Leo gain weight).  After he eats he chills on the playmat and talks to his toys and practices rolling.  I have some oatmeal and tea.

6am: Leo goes down for a nap (swaddled).  Sometimes it’s more like 6:30, but most of the time it’s around 6am.  When he starts to rub his eyes it’s our big cue that he’s tired.  Generally he’ll go down with very minimal fussing (maybe a minutes, if at all).  While he sleeps I try to get a run in, shower, etc.

8am: Leo wakes up and nurses.  Sometimes he wakes up early (like 7:30am), but most of the time it’s pretty close to 8.  After he eats we play a little and then he jumps around in his jumperoo.  I start work.

9:30am: Leo goes down for a nap.

11am: Leo wakes up and eats.  After he nurses he gets cereal.  After lunch we play a little, then some more playmat or jumperoo action.  Or he’ll hang out with Dave and play.  Or we might read a few books.

12:30pm: Leo goes down for a nap.

2pm: Leo wakes up and nurses.  You know the drill after this: playmat, jumperoo, time with Dave/me/us, books, etc.

3:30pm: Leo goes down for a nap.

5pm: Leo wakes up and nurses.  After he nurses he gets cereal.  He’ll chill in the jumperoo while Dave and I eat dinner, then we have some family time hanging out and playing.

somewhere between 6:30pm and 7pm: Leo goes down for a nap.

8pm: Leo wakes up (or, more often than not, I wake him up) and we do our nighttime routine: I leave the light off in his room but leave the hall light on so I can see.  I change Leo’s diaper (which makes him ANGRY because he had just been sleeping), reswaddle him (right arm out so he can suck his fingers), then nurse him in the dark.  He falls hard asleep after about 25 minutes.  I put him down in the crib and go out.  He’s down for the night!

Rarely (very rarely nowadays) Leo will wake up in the middle of the night, fuss for about 20 seconds, then fall back asleep.  We don’t even get out of bed.  And occasionally he will wake up a little early – 4:30am – but most of the time he’s really very good with the schedule!  He also wakes up early from naps sometimes, but that’s becoming less often, too.  If he does wake up early, we wait to feed him until the next feeding time, give or take 5 or 10 minutes.

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Can you believe that next month Leo will be half a year old?!?!


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  1. Happy five months, Leo!! That’s so nice that you have him on a consistent schedule. It has to make your day a lot easier, and I’ve always read that babies like a routine. I can’t believe how quickly the time is going by. We’re going to have one-year-olds before we know it!! 🙂

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