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goings ons of today (in pictures)

5 mile tempo run at 8:34 pace.  Officially puts me over 200 miles for the 100 days challenge!

Little one playing.  Intense and focused.  And rolling both ways now!


Smiles and jabbering from Leo!

What’s been going on for you today?


9 thoughts on “goings ons of today (in pictures)

  1. Also working, lots of coffee, about to eat a salad with a bunch of yummy toppings for lunch!

    Is it intense working & having Leo at home, too?

    1. Most days it’s not. I’m able to work while Leo naps or while he plays nearby. And Dave is available to help when I have a conference call, a lot of work with a pending due date, or when Leo is particularly fussy. So far it’s worked out great!

  2. work.
    lunch with a friend.
    booked airline tickets (with a special someone and her little buddy).
    hair cut.
    hanging with my niece and nephew later.

  3. Hi Leo!

    Two monitors are essential for work 🙂 Awesome tempo!

    Run, work, shop, work, strength… sleep ahh 🙂 That is my day!

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