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100 days challenge: day 65

Two thirds of the way there!  If anything, this challenge has gotten easier, which continues to surprise me.  And now that I have my marathon training plan, I have two reasons to get my run in everyday!

  • Miles run so far: 199 miles
  • Longest run: 11 miles

This month I also had to switch to using different headphones on the treadmill.  My original pair, some cheap earbuds from Walmart, kept electric-shocking me while I ran!  I’m using a pair of Dave’s now and haven’t had an issue.  Full earphones are hot, but it beats getting zapped in the ear while you run!

What’s something random that’s happened to you lately?


4 thoughts on “100 days challenge: day 65

  1. Oooooo I’m sure you had another mile in you to make it 200. Or are we to expect a grand 200th mile post shortly?
    As for randomness… I like to leave my playlist on ‘shuffle’ when I run, which is often interesting as I have at least two special effects CDs as part of my library. I can be going for a nice jog when I hear the screech of tyres followed by machine-gun fire!

  2. So funny about the headphones because thats happened to me before too!

    Randomness for me? Monday I got two cavities filled and had to have Novocain (sp?). I found it extremely amusing to try and make kissy faces at my husband when I got back from the dentist.

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