Nope, not my ankles, feet, knees, or any running extremity.

I tripped going up the stairs yesterday morning – thankfully not holding Leo – and fell forward and landed on my wrist weird.  It didn’t bother me for a few hours – a little tight but that was all – but midafternoon it locked up, got very stiff, and started to hurt more.  I took some ibuprofen and dug out this old wrist brace, both of which helped.  I’m not really concerned about it as it’s hardly swollen and I have full movement.  I think I just tweaked a muscle or strained it or something.  It’s uncomfortable and sore.

In high school I was notorious for getting injured.  I broke both my wrists at the same time when I fell backwards and tried to catch myself, then broke the one again two weeks later when I fell forward.  Graceful.  In any case, saving the braces from my breaks was a smart idea!  It definitely helped to have this one, especially with picking up Leo.

You know what is feeling great though?  My calves!  Those compression socks from runningskirts.com are a.maz.ing.  I wore them all day and when I took them off I felt like I’d just had a leg massage.  It was incredible!  I want a compression body suit – although I think it would be pretty tricky to get on…

Have you ever broken a bone?  I broke my right wrist in 4th grade, then both wrists my sophomore year, the one wrist again sophomore year, my ankle junior year, and my femur junior year.  High school was a lot of orthopedic appointments… just ask my family.


12 thoughts on “injured

  1. hope you have a quick recovery. I have broken 6 toes, my left instep, my right pinky finger and have fractured my tailbone twice.

  2. You poor thing! Ouch! And you have quite the record! 😛 Yes – good thing you saved those braces!

    I broke my left wrist in college and strained my right one a few years ago. 🙂

  3. Haha! I saw that picture and instantly remembered when you hurt both your wrists…and then your leg. Your injuries are legendary! 😉

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