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new toy

Somebody got a new toy!

He loves his new jumperoo!  Lots of bouncing, talking, and smiling.  Although he’s currently too short to touch the ground, so we’ve had to put a box underneath for him.

We love watching him play and hearing his excited noises!

Happy weekend!  What plans do you have?  We’re getting some fun time with Dave’s family!


7 thoughts on “new toy

  1. So adorable! He has such a cute little smile and I love his “talking.” Miles has a less cool bouncer and loves it. As do I – as it gives me 5, 10 minutes maybe, of free hands.

    I don’t think we’re doing much this weekend. I hate being cold so I’m tempted to stay bundled and watch the Olympic trials.

  2. Codi loves her jumperoo! She will be six months next week and still needs an inch or so to reach the floor. Good idea with the box. Have a great weekend. KY vs. TN tomorrow at noon. Go CATS!

  3. Aww, I love seeing the range of emotions on Leo’s face as he plays. Thanks for the vid. And the cooing is too cute!

    Relaxing weekend for us – no plans!

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