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the plan

I don’t normally use much of a training plan for marathons – just an outline of long runs that I pull from Hal Higdon.  But with the Carmel marathon being just 14 weeks away, I thought I should probably be a little more planned out.  Here it is (click on it to see it bigger):

All that being said, it’s still pretty flexible.  The yassos and the long runs are the most important for me to hit, although I think tempos could be good for me to start, too.  The rest are more guidelines.  If I miss a hill workout but I still ran, big deal.  Or maybe I’ll go 6 miles instead of 5.  Or a long run on a Thursday instead of a weekend.

This morning I did 4 yassos on the treadmill.  I wasn’t exactly sure how fast to make it (when I do yassos outside I just run as hard as I can).  I started out with a mile warm-up at 6.5.  Then I did half a mile at 8.5.  I rested for a quarter mile at 6.0, then ramped back to 8.5 for half a mile, etc.  I did a 6.0 cooldown to bring me to 4 miles.  8.5 definitely felt challenging, especially for the 4th yasso, but I think next time I’ll try 8.6 (and 8.7 the next time, if need be).  I don’t want them just hard, I want them one step down from “I can’t get through these.”

Do you use a training plan for races?  Or do you just do whatever feels right? 


5 thoughts on “the plan

  1. I am like you – I schedule my long runs and see what else fits in. I am using a coach now to train for a 5K and I would love to see what kind of marathon plan she would draft up for me!

  2. The 8.5 for four yassos seems crazy fast to me. Wow! Are you going for a sub-3 marathon? Haha.

    I’m similar to you in that I genreally base my running loosely on a plan but will deviate to fit my schedule. Having the group to train with for the last marathon was extremely successful. Having no group this time around, not so much. I am definitely having a go-with-what-you-feel-like kind of winter, which is probably not a great plan.

  3. I’ve been sticking with the Less is More play, where I only run 3x a week. I might bump it to add a short, easy run on Fridays before my Saturday long in the spring, but so far only 3 days a week, while it isn’t going to make me mega fast, has at least kept me injury free.

    Also, please explain the yassos.

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