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and so it begins

I forgot to announce the winner yesterday – eggplan parmesan lasagna!  Recipe and review Friday morning!

Last night this happened:

On April 21 I’ll be running the Carmel Marathon in Carmel, Indiana, near Indianapolis (so far I’m running alone but I’m working on persuading my sister…)!  I’ve got a little over 14 weeks – training is now in full swing!  I’ve started to draft out my training plan based off of Hal Higdon’s Intermediate 1 plan.  Generally I make sure I hit all the long runs and I do my own thing during the week – yassos, some short runs, some long, etc.  I need to sit down and actually map out my long runs on weekends, but the date has been set!  I’m excited to be back in training!

What races are you looking forward to this year?


8 thoughts on “and so it begins

  1. Yay! How exciting! I used Hal’s Intermediate 1 when I found out I was pregnant and decided against running the marathon. It’s pretty intense but I loved every minute of it! I can not wait until I can get back to training!

    1. Kelly, I picked up on that too. But this is the second time Kim has used this tactic for you, after the “recruit family members” component to her post about running the downhill marathon in PA.

      Kim, Way to go! I envy your ambition. New mom and training for a marathon already. I think that is both amazing and slightly insane, at the same time. 🙂

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