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Leo tried baby food for the first time last night – cereal!

As you can tell by the video, he hated it!  We’re planning on trying it again tonight and to thin the cereal out even more.  Hopefully he won’t gag as much (although it was pretty funny to watch).

We made barley cereal (ground barley cooked til soft, then mixed with milk) instead of rice cereal, because we wanted to make our own and also because barley has more nutritional benefits than rice.  We’ll see if Leo starts to like it eventually!


7 thoughts on “babyfood!

  1. Elias definitely liked oatmeal more than rice cereal; he did fine with rice but said “mmm” when he ate oatmeal. He also liked bananas when he was really little. Hopefully thinning it out helps! Feeding them is fun. 🙂

  2. So cute! And so my life. Miles has tried brown rice, rice and oatmeal cereals – all of which received little fanfare. He was doing OK with them before I got sick last week but now he’s turning his head and crying. Maybe he’s mad at me for not thinking of making my own. I am definitely going to try barley!

  3. haha.:) this is pretty much the reaction we got from Max when we first started him on cereal.:) he didn’t really start to like cereal until we moved onto other foods and now he really likes oatmeal. but mostly only if we put some fruit in it or mix a little juice in there.:)

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