shopping spree

On our way to Tennessee last week Dave and I noticed that we drove right past a giant shopping outlet.  Dave could maybe sense my interest from the way I whipped my head around to stare at it.  Or from the drool that came out of my mouth.  Either way, he sweetly offered that we stop and shop on our way home.

I definitely have been needing some new clothes, as I don’t feel very comfortable in a lot of my clothes right now (or they just plain don’t fit).  I could wait until I lose weight (I’m at my pre-baby weight but I was at a higher weight when we got pregnant) and tone up (my stomach is a floppy mess right now), but what is fit and feels best for my post-baby body might be different than my pre-baby body.  In the meantime, I’m tired of feeling discouraged when I get dressed and of wearing the same things.  Also for resorting to fleece jackets because they’re comfortable and fit.

On Tuesday we hit the outlets.  It was cold and we wanted to get home, so we tried to keep it pretty short.  In fact, we only went in 3 stores: Banana Republic, Gap, and Loft.  We scored some great deals!

Banana Republic:

  • shirt for me (can be dressy for work or casual dressy with jeans)
  • pinstriped gray dress pants for Dave for $15!


  • jeans for me for $4.87 (they’re their long and lean version and while they aren’t the absolute best, they were $4.87 and who is passing up that deal??)
  • shirt for me (can be dressy for work or casual with jeans)
  • 2 sweaters for Dave


  • gray pencil skirt
  • 2 shirts for me (can be dressed up for work or casual)

JC Penney (went with my mom and sister on New Years Eve):

  • shirt for me (you guessed it – can be dressy or casual)
  • black and white striped cardigan

I definitely feel like I have much better options now!  To complete the deal, I took all the clothes out of the closet that don’t fit me right now and moved them to the guest bedroom closet.  This way I can wear them when they fit again, but they’re not staring me in the face every morning making me feel bad that they don’t fit now.  Leo isn’t even 5 months old yet.  I’m determined not to shame myself for not fitting into old clothes.  But I am committed to get back into my best running shape, not to fit the clothes, but to meet my 2012 running goals!

What have you bought recently that you were particularly excited about?


7 thoughts on “shopping spree

  1. Sounds like you got some good pieces! I finally bought a diaper bag yesterday and I am so pumped about it! No more rummaging through a million items all shoved in one big sack–this is an actual baby bag with lots of pockets and organization. I’m so happy about it!

  2. Yay for all the good steals! Fashion show?

    And you are right not to feel bad at all about not getting back in to your clothes yet… we aren’t crazy celebrities – they are the only ones who do that, right?!

    I ordered a book yesterday that I am excited about 🙂

  3. You inspired me Kim! At 5 months post-baby all my clothes still aren’t fitting and I was feeling bad about myself. I just went to the store and bought a pair of jeans that fit for date night tomorrow with my hubby. I know the weight will come off. Just have to be patient. It took 9 months to stretch that tummy out 🙂

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