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2011 running review and 2012 goals!

2011 was a different year for me, running-wise.  It was the year of the too-tired to run first trimester, the pregnant half marathon, the hip injury that forced me to walk, and the post-baby return to running.  Here’s how it all shook down:


  • running: 34.5 miles
  • walking: 22 miles


  • running: 48.1 miles
  • walking: 3.5 miles


  • running: 65.7 miles
  • walking: 23.5 miles


  • running: 76.6 miles


  • running: 23.3 miles
  • walking: 1.5 miles


  • walking: 129.8 miles


  • walking: 134 miles


  • running: 6 miles
  • walking: 57.5 miles


  • strolls with Leo that I didn’t log


  • running: 37.7 miles


  • running: 70.3 miles


  • running: 94.5 miles

2011 totals

running: 456.6 miles

walking: 371.8 miles

total: 828.4 miles

Overall, I’m pleased with this.  I would have liked to hit 100 miles in December, but a Tennessee Christmas (4,000 cookies plus time I wanted to spend with family rather than out running) overruled and I’m fine with that.

So.  Looking ahead to 2012 I have a few races I’m eyeing or already signed up for:

  • April 1: Towpath half marathon in Cleveland.  I’m already registered!
  • April: Holy Half half marathon at Notre Dame
  • May: Pocono Run for the Red marathon in Strousburg, PA (this is the most tentative one, but also potentially the most fun if I can recruit some family members)
  • September: Presque Isle marathon in Erie, PA with my sister (definite, although we’re not registered yet)
  • October: Grand Rapids marathon?
  • October: Towpath marathon in Cleveland?

It’s not much, but I definitely have more to add.  I’m hoping to do 4-5 marathons (maybe more) this year, along with a couple halfs.  I’d like to run a sub-4 hour marathon at Presque Isle with Kelly, but I’m hesitant to declare it a firm goal until I see how my training starts to shape up.  Right now it’s an idea and a hope, but I haven’t labeled it a solid goal.  Yet. I’d also like to run 2012 miles for 2012.  That breaks down to 168 miles a month, roughly.  This was definitely doable for me in 2010… so I’m hopeful it might be for 2012 as well!

I’ll take any suggestions for races – especially marathons.  I especially favor those that don’t cost me an arm and a leg to run!  While I mostly run flat races because that’s what I train on, I’d take a mildly hilly run, too, just for a good challenge.

Brag on yourself – how was 2011 for you in the area of fitness?


11 thoughts on “2011 running review and 2012 goals!

  1. Hint…..The Bolder Boulder in Boulder, CO?? Held annually on Memorial Day…..and we’d get to meet you, Dave, and Leo!!

  2. The Indianapolis Monumental Marathon is going on its 5th year and is a gorgeous course, very reasonably priced! It is usually the first weekend of November. I ran the 1/2 marathon last year, and am doing the Chicago marathon this year (my first marathon!) which is October, so I will probably run the 1/2 at the Monumental again, but one of these days I’ll do the full. Very well organized course though, loved it this past year and can’t wait to do again! Love your ambitious 2012 goals and race schedules – I need to get on the ball!!

  3. OK, so I completely envy your very ambitious race calendar for 2012, and you are making me rethink my own goals. 2011 was fun, but I am wanting to push myself more in 2012 rather than rest on my accomplishments from 2010 like I did this past year.

    I have been training for and was planning to register for a February marathon in Texas, but a few issues have left me feeling like that may not be the best choice. I may regret being so bold, but did you say you were looking for family member company for May in PA? I know you meant recruiting Kelly to run with you, but your post got me thinking…

    Even four months postpartum and being 10+ years younger than me, you continue to be an inspiration! GO KIM!!!

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