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Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday!  This week is busy (as I’m sure you all are feeling, too)!

I recently bought a new sports bra.  I was pretty excited about it, because it got awesome reviews and because I really needed one.  My old sports bras have been notorious for chafing the heck out of me, especially during longer runs.  I had one spot that was a continuous scab for about a year.  It finally healed while I was pregnant and not able to run as much, but I still have a faint scar on my chest from it.  Crazy.

Anyhow, during the great post-Thanksgiving sales I picked up a new bra, the Moving Comfort Fiona.

It had gotten great reviews on Amazon and on the Moving Comfort website.  Plus, I’d seen some reviews of it on other blogs – all positive.  The first few runs went well.  But around the third or fourth run things fell apart.  I actually had to cut a run short because the chafing was so bad!  Since then, the bra hasn’t seen much action.  I wear it if I’m only doing 1 or 2 miles, but any more than that and it’s a no-go.  Waste of $25, unfortunately.  At least I didn’t pay full price.

Ironically, it’s my old sports bra that’s working for me.  Or rather, my old sports braS.  I’ve been layering my sports bras two at a time and it’s working perfectly!  I use two of the C9 by Champion sports bras (available at Target).  Bonus: they come in lots of fun colors and are cheap!  For the first time I’m not chafing at all.  It’s a beautiful feeling to get in the shower after a run and not feel like screaming!

Now that I’m using sports bras two at a time I definitely need to pick up a few more.  I own an embarassingly small amount of sports bras that I just wear multiple times before washing.  Kind of gross.  Even grosser now that I’m in the 100 day challenge and I’m running every day!

What sports bras have worked for you?  How many sports bras do you own?


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  1. Ugh! The Fiona stopped working for me as well. I lost a little weight and now it just doesn’t support like it should. I have ONE sports bra that I can use for long distances so it’s in the washer almost as often as its on my body. I ordered a new one that was identical (Champion) but for some reason the new one chafes but the old one doesn’t. It makes no sense! I have a few that work for short distances but I’m in desperate need of a long distance bra!

  2. I love the c9 bras. I’ve run 20+ miles in them with few problems. I have learned to body glide religiously due to small issues. I’ve thought about getting a more expensive brand but if it ain’t broke…

  3. I tried to like Moving Comfort but don’t. I wore the Fiona this morning, because it was the only one clean. I feel restricted, and it scratches up my back. C9 is my fave now too.

  4. I have never had chaffing issues. I wear cheapo walmart bras. But then again, I’ve never had much by way of bra filling skills. Technically, I don’t even need a sports bra to run. Yeah, it’s pathetic. You should feel blessed. So sorry, I can’t help you with ideas and brands that work well. :0

  5. I use the C9 bras as well, I have the thin strap ones and also some thicker strapped ones, I like them both! They hold up well for me and I love the colors. I hope these work for you! I’ve never had chafing, but I’ve never run more than 7 miles at a pop…..

  6. I think I have 4 or 5 sports bras. A bunch of Nike ones and 2 from under armor that I like. I should look into layering the C9 bras, but I’m afraid my bigger girls will bounce too much.

  7. yep, those Target C. brand ones. And yeah, I wear a few times before washing, too. So gross. At least in this weather, I honestly don’t sweat so much . . . so not as gross? hahahaha

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