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man in the mirror

This past weekend we had a bunch of friends from college over.  It was so good to see all of them and to hang out and talk and catch up.  It was a blast, but thoroughly tuckered Leo out.

This was taken Sunday afternoon.  After a social Saturday and a social Sunday morning at church, he was overwhelmed, overstimulated, out of his nap schedule, clingy, and fussy.  Poor Gus.  I let him sleep on me for part of the day just to get him some good rest.  Also, who minds getting sleepy baby snuggles?

Despite being a little fussy, Leo had a blast discovering himself in the mirror.

So stinkin cute!

What did you do this weekend?  Can you believe it’s Christmas week already?!


4 thoughts on “man in the mirror

      1. Works now!! Thanks. Leo is so cute (as are you and Dave)…and I soooo remember those days. Wish we would have videoed too!!

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