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The mocha shortbread recipe is coming at lunch!  They’re currently cooling on top of the oven, so I haven’t been able to sample them yet to see if they’re good.

Here’s a treadmill hill workout for Kimberly!




0-.5 6.5 0
.5-1 6.5 5
1-1.5 6.5 0
1.5-2 6.5 6
2-2.5 6.5 0
2.5-3 6.5 7
3-3.5 6.5 1.5
3.5-4 6.5 0


In the end I finished 4 miles in 37:11, 9:18 pace, with some serious sweat going on.  After Wendy’s yassos on Wednesday, I realized that I haven’t been pushing myself very hard in workouts.  Wendy’s yassos were difficult and uncomfortable to get through. That’s what I want in a workout!  I’ve been letting myself get off with easy workouts, which is okay sometimes, but shouldn’t be the standard!  Most of my workouts should be uncomfortable and hard, or I’m not pushing myself the way I need to be.  And truthfully, I feel so much better after a really hard workout than I do after one where I let myself off easy.

What’s your favorite super-hard workout?


4 thoughts on “working harder

  1. Yikes, hills scare me. But I’ll have to try this one day next week since you recommended it as a hard workout!

    Lately I have been using Pinterest to browse for circuit workouts to mix in with running. I have found some amazing and challenging workouts there. The typical pattern I look for is 6-8 exercises targeting one main area of the body (e.g., arms, mixture of shoulders, biceps and triceps) that can be performed quickly with short cardio bursts mixed in (e.g., jumping jacks, mountain climbers, etc.). I have done about 5 different random circuits and have been sore after each and every one.

    Burpees are one of the toughest exercises for me. Hate them! But they are oh so good for you too.

    1. I thought it was a pretty hard workout. You can definitely increase the incline to add more “oomph.” I think next time I’d like to do 1-2 more miles with increasing incline each time still. Let me know how you like it?

      Those workouts sound hard! Want to write a guest post on them?

      1. Sure, I’ll write about them. Let me redo one or two of the workouts so that I can remember more specific details and I’ll get back with you. It may be after the holidays though,

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