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treadmill me

Morning run before work: 1 mile, 7:45.  Mosie jumped in, too.

I’ve gotten kind of stale on my treadmill routines – the same 2 or 3 different workouts.  So here we go: tell me your hardest treadmill workouts.  I’ll take them on and let you know how they go!  Be creative and don’t hold back: speed intervals, hill workouts, HIIT, long runs, etc.  I won’t say no (and I’ll try not to die)!


3 thoughts on “treadmill me

  1. Yassos – 4 to 6 miles. Start with 1/2 mile at 6.8 mph and then run 1/2 mile at 7.8 mph. Back to 1/2 mile at 6.8 mph, repeat 4 to 6 times.

    Ladders (speed work) – 2 miles (length can vary). Start with warm up of .25 mile at 6.8 mph. Increase .1 mph every tenth of a mile until you reach desired maximum (for me somewhere between 8.0 and 8.2 mph). Decrease .1 mph every tenth of a mile on the way back down.

  2. I pretty much just use the treadmill for speedwork. Intervals mostly. Slow jog warmup for 1/2 mile then 1/4 mile sprints (the speed will depend on what a “sprint” is for you). I stop the TM inbetween for a 45-60 sec rest. Lather, rinse, repeat until you hit 3 miles of sprints (12×400) then do 1/2 mile cooldown. Total miles will be 4.

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