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This past weekend we Christmasified the house!  First the tree (check out that post for a hilarious picture of Mosie!):

We also put up a lit garland on the mantel and hung our stockings.  I’d show a picture, but one of the strands of lights burned out, so now it’s a halflit garland until we can get to Walmart and remedy the situation.  My mom is knitting Leo a stocking, so he’s stocking-less for right now.  Good thing he’s too little to know!  We do have a baby’s first ornament for him (courtesy of my brother’s family).  We love that it has a lion on it – perfect for Leo!

We also moved my desk upstairs to make room for the tree.  Bonus: I now have a window to work by!

Leo’s been showing his Christmas spirit sporting reindeer socks from Aunt Jill!

What are you doing to get ready for Christmas?


3 thoughts on “christmasifying

  1. Your tree is pretty!

    I love all the little holiday things for babies to wear!

    We are still decorating. We put an electronic candle in each window and we still need to do that. And need to get a few more gifts.

  2. Apparently in order to get ready for Christmas I have to take you and the rest of the team to get yogurt next Tuesday… bah humbug.

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