freezer dinner

The winner of the reader recipe poll is pumpkin rotini!  Recipe and review Friday!

Way back before Leo was born I did my best to put away freezer meals.  I froze a lot of soup (make a big batch, eat half, freeze half) and spent a Saturday morning making freezer meals with my sister-in-law.  Then Leo was born and I turned into a hoarder.  Every time Dave suggested we use a freezer meal I’d say “no, no!” and quickly find an alternate dinner solution.  Silly!  All those great meals down in the freezer!

Last night I realized we had pretty much nothing to make for dinner.  The veggie drawer had a carrot, some celery, and some kale.  We’d had stir fry for Sunday lunch, so there went my other when-in-doubt meal.  I finally caved and thawed a freezer meal: zucchini barley lasagna.

I didn’t get it out in time to thaw properly, so I tried to thaw it early at 150 in the oven.  It was still pretty frozen when I cranked the oven to 400 to bake it.  With some extra cooking time it came out great!

Are you a spender or a saver?  I tend to waffle from one extreme to the other.