This morning I went to have my cavity filled.  Surprisingly, there weren’t any needles!  The dentist asked me if I wanted to be numbed.  I didn’t really have an answer for him, since my last cavity was 19 years ago and I don’t remember if it hurt or what it felt like.  Needles don’t really bother me, but a needle in my mouth kind of freaks me out, so I opted to go numb-less (with the option to get a shot if it started to hurt).  The drilling took maybe 5 minutes, and didn’t start to hurt until the end.  Even then it just felt like someone pushing on a bruise.  Then there was a lot of… I have no idea.  Picks and tweezers and cotton wads and water spray and water suction tubes in and out of my mouth.  But within 20 minutes I was out the door and on my way !  Hopefully that will be the last filling I have for a very long time!

How do you feel about needles?  Hate them?  Not really bothered?  (I don’t think anyone is going to fall in the “love them!” category… but let me know if you do.)


2 thoughts on “drilled

  1. Hate them but since I had GD (gestational diabetes) with baby number 2, I got use to poking my fingers after every single meal so I got use to them. I don’t have to poke my fingers any more since the diabetes went away after the baby was born, so now I’m back to hating them.

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