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november round-up

My book list for November is pathetic.

  • In the Lap of the Gods by Li Miao Lovett

Grade: B.  Pretty good book.  It didn’t completely wow me but it was solid and interesting.

Aaaand that’s all.  I’m a little over halfway through another book – a pretty big one – but my reading this month took a big hit with my return to work and some weekend travels.  Plus, Dave and I have been working through the Firefly series (we finished it last night), so we had less reading nights and more Firefly nights!  I’m sad Firefly is over, but kind of glad I don’t have to hear that horrible theme song again.  It is terr.i.ble.  Although I did successfully memorize it halfway through the series.

I was much more successful with running in November, especially given the insitution of the 100 days challenge!

  • November run total: 70.3 miles

One of my November goals was to do a long run of 10 miles.  It didn’t happen.  I’m realizing while I have the best intentions for my running, I’m still learning to adjust my expectations given my new motherhood status.  That’s not an excuse – I fully intend to keep running, get faster, set new best times in races, and complete half and full marathons – but it’s a reality for right now.  I’d love to run 10 miles… but between working, taking care of Leo, keeping house, pumping, etc. – it’s not feasible at the moment to get away for 1.5+ hours to run.  It will be, as Leo gets more independent and stretches out his schedule.  And Dave and I can make it work when it’s necessary.  But my December goal is much simpler: keep up the 100 days challenge, with as much mileage as I can (physically and time-wise).

  • What are your goals for December?
  • What books have you read lately?
  • Have you seen Firefly?  

Happy December from our little reindeer!


3 thoughts on “november round-up

  1. Oh. My. Goodness. You two are so cute that I could cry. I seriously love that hat.

    Great job on the mileage and balancing it all. It takes time but you’ll get there with the 10 miles. The only reason I manage is because I had to get OK with formula real quick due to low supply and Mark is willing to let me leave if only to wear out the dog.

    Cheers to December and your 100 day challenge!

  2. Firefly is one of my favorite shows – I have this not-so-secret crush on Mal (aka Nathan Fillion).

    I’m currently reading the latest Janet Evanovich somethingorother Eighteen

    My main goal for December is to start ramping up my mileage again. My half in January is gonna kick my butt if I don’t get my crap together soon.

    I’m proud of you for your 100 day challenge – that’s so awesome.

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