My coworker and I left the office at 4:30pm yesterday.

It took us 1 hour to go 20 miles.

It took us another 2 hours to go 30 miles more.

We passed through towns with no power.  We crawled on roads slick from the snow and sleet (it was switching back and forth).  We made it to 40mph twice.  We made it to 30mph a handful of times.

We passed cars and vans and SUVs in ditches, in fender benders, in guardrails.

At 7:30pm we made it to my coworker’s house.  From there, I had another 30 miles to home.  It was still snowing and I wasn’t sure how well my little Honda Civic would do on the roads.

At Dave’s (wise) encouragement, I spent the night on the couch, eating dinner and watching The Office with my coworker and his wife.

About time to try digging my car out and getting home!  I miss Dave and Leo!

PS – the winner of the reader recipe poll is tri-yellow salad!  Recipe and review on Friday!


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