100 days challenge

100 days challenge: 15 days

Fifteen days in to the 100 days challenge!

  • So far I’ve run 36 miles.
  • Almost all my runs have been in the morning, but I did run at 10pm once.
  • I ran one mile at the hotel during the wedding weekend.  Hotel fitness centers should NOT be placed next to the pool – it makes them so hot and muggy!  Yet every hotel I’ve been to always has it off the pool…
  • My fastest run was on Thanksgiving morning2 miles in 15:22, 7:41 pace.  I started fast and increased every half mile.  It was fun!
  • Most runs have been between 1 and 3 miles.  I wish they were longer but I try to remind myself that if I weren’t doing the challenge those days might be 0 mile days, so 1 is better than nothing.

How is your challenge going?  


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