in the office

Paper flowers from my wedding bouquet this past weekend.

A rainy view.

Afternoon pick-me-up.

What are three things from your day today?


8 thoughts on “in the office

    1. My students and I made “pumpkin pie” (vanilla pudding,canned pumpkin puree,cinnamon,vanilla wafers) and it was surprisingly good!
      It was wonderful talking to you first thing this morning before most people were even awake!
      Going to see if I can get tickets to cirque du soleil on sunday!

  1. 1) my favorite blue sweatshirt
    2) a christmas cactus blooming on the shelf in my office
    3) a thermos of hot tea

  2. 1) Locking myself out of the house (brilliant)
    2) Emailing the illustrious Kelly Boulton
    3) Missing my lovely wife

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