a day in the life: 3 months

I’m pretty sure I just wrote Leo’s 2 month post!  Crazy!  At 2 months Leo’s schedule seemed to be changing all the time, but at 3 months it’s stabilized more.  Here’s how 3 months has been breaking down:

5am-7am: I wake up (some mornings more easily than others) and immediately pump.  Then I jump on the treadmill (gotta get that 100 days challenge!) and shower and get ready.  Most days Leo wakes up somewhere in here, too, and sits in the bouncer seat while I run or hangs out with Dave.

7am-8am: Leo wakes up and eats.  He gets some tummy time on the boppy with classical music, face-to-face smiling time on the changing table, maybe a bath, and sits in the bumbo chair on the kitchen counter while I make breakfast, wash dishes, unload the dishwasher, etc.  Right around 8 he generally goes down for a nap.

8am: I start work.

8:15am: I pump.

10am-11:30am: Leo wakes up and eats.  Then he gets some time on his playmat (he generally doesn’t last long) and sits in his bouncer chair by my desk while I work.  He talks and smiles a lot!  At 11:15 I pump.  About 11:30am he goes down for a nap.  It’s easy to tell when he’s ready for a nap – he starts getting fussy, rubs his eyes, and burrows his head in my shoulder when I pick him up.

1pm: Leo wakes up and eats.  Similar activities occur.  He generally goes down for a nap between 2:30 and 3.

4pm: Leo wakes up and eats.  He might sit in the bumbo chair on the counter while I do a little dinner prep, then help me finish up work.  He’ll go down for another nap about 5:30 or 6.

7pm: Leo wakes up and eats.  Afterwards we have a lot of family time on the couch.  Around 8 or 8:30 he goes down for the night.

9pm: Dave and I go to bed.

anywhere from 12am (on a not as good night) to 3am (on an awesome night): Leo wakes up and eats.  He goes right back down afterwards.  Our hope is that he’ll eventually sleep through til 7am, but we’ve got some time before that happens.  Right now we’re just glad he’s stretching out his hours of sleeping at night!

New things: Leo’s starting to see farther (not quite across the room but a good couple feet).  He definitely knows Dave and I and our voices and animatedly responds to us.  He looooves to stand with us holding him.  Loves his bouncer seat.  The bumbo chair is almost certain to make him poop (and, consequently have a blow out from how he sits).  He’s found his hands but not his feet yet.  He generally only takes about 15 minutes to eat.  Speed demon!

Here’s a sneak peek of Leo’s 3 month pictures that we got taken a week ago.  I can’t wait to get the rest!


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  1. His little stern facial expressions crack me up! He’s a DOLL! Sounds like he’s adjusting well to a schedule and will just get easier with time. 🙂

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