meeting the cousins

Leo is lucky to have one of his cousins (and another one on the way!) right here in town, but his other 2 cousins live in Cleveland and hadn’t been able to meet him yet!

On Sunday we met up with my grandma, aunt, and my brother and his family for breakfast before we hit the road for home.

Clare giving Leo kisses.

Lizzie and Clare (ages 3 and 2) have been obsessed with Leo since he was born.  They constantly want to see pictures of him, watch videos of him, and talk about him.  Apparently they talk about him pretty much 24/7.  So yesterday was pretty exciting because they finally got to meet!

The cutest part was the big smiles Leo kept giving Clare – he spent about ten minutes straight just staring and smiling at her!

The girls also enjoyed playing with my wedding boquet!

The drive home was pretty uneventful.  Leo and I both took advantage of our passenger position and napped.

Grateful to Dave for driving us!

How was your weekend?  Do you have lots of cousins?  


3 thoughts on “meeting the cousins

  1. Friday Mylin started showing signs of illness 😦
    Saturday we head to Notre Dame all day for fun tailgating, an Irish wind, NASTY windburn on my face, and watched Bridesmaids on the way home (Thank you, grandma, for taking care of our sick little miss!!!)
    Sunday we all stayed home in our sweats – Mylin was still sick and Joel and I were exhausted from the windy game

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